What To Monitor And Report On In Your Medical Practice | Medi2Apps

What To Monitor And Report On In Your Medical Practice | Medi2Apps

October 10, 2018 Medi2Apps 0

What should I be monitoring in my practice?

What should I be monitoring in my practice

What should I be monitoring in my practice?

Knowing what to keep track of and report on in your medical practice is imperative to running a successful business. The aim of your reporting should be to identify trends, which can then be used to help with decision making. Some of the key trends that you need to identify are:

  • Patient attendance (new and existing)
  • Patient location
  • Billing
  • Fees
  • Average fees per patient
  • Seasonal trends, e.g. flu vaccinations
  • Patient demographics

Medi2Apps makes monitoring simple

Using the Medi2Apps software will help put you in control of how your practice is performing, as there is no need to manually track the number of new patients and check-ins. Medi2Apps collects this information and displays it in a visually appealing, easy to understand format. It will give you access to a variety of records, including:

  • Number of patient check-ins
  • Number of new patients per day
  • New patient demographics e.g. age range, postcode, gender, and ethnicity
  • How your patients are hearing about the practice
  • Number of patient details information update
  • Appointments booked
  • Appointments cancelled.
    Medi2Apps Kiosk usage stats

    Medi2Apps Kiosk usage stats

    how did patients heard about our practice provided by Medi2Apps

    How did patients hear about our practice provided by Medi2Apps?

How monitoring will help your practice?

The information collected will help you track results and see where trends are occurring. Best of all, it will give you a chance to analyse and reflect on how you can improve your operations. By monitoring what’s going on in your practice, you can also track:

  • Individual practitioner performance
  • Average fees generated per patient
  • Overall practice turn-over
  • Year-to-date tracking
  • Year-on-year performance.

Monitoring provides a look at the details, and also the big picture. That way, you gain a complete understanding of how your practice and practitioners are tracking.

Use the extra time gained, to focus on improvements

Having the additional time that Medi2Apps affords you is ideal to reflect on how to change or improve the way you do things at your practice. You may consider the following improvements:

  • Have a conversation with your staff

If you notice a trend in how your practitioners are performing, take the time to sit down with each of them to have a conversation about how they’re finding their work, and any constructive feedback they have to improve your practice.

  • Speak to your patients

This will give you an accurate insight into what needs to improve from a client service perspective. Ask your staff to take a few extra seconds with each of their patients to see what could be improved on. It can be as simple as asking, “What could we do to make your experience better?”

  • Encourage suggestions

With the Medi2Apps anonymous feedback facility, patients can provide feedback responses and suggestions about your practice without reception staff having to handle feedback forms or manage email feedback. The anonymous feedback facility allows an assigned practice manager – or management – restricted access to the feedback.

  • Social Media Update

Now your reception has gained the most valuable thing, which is time, by using Medi2Apps. Now your reception/practice manager can keep your social media up to date with approved information from your social media policy (For more info refer to the social media guidelines provided by RACGP here).

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