Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

According to the March 2016 Nielsen Digital Ratings Report, while almost 18 million Australians still use a computer to go on the internet, over 13 million people also actively browse websites/apps on smartphones and 7.5 million people on tablets. The report also revealed that people are spending over 28 hours a month on their mobile devices.

In this digital age, businesses need to at the very least have a mobile compliant website. A mobile compliant website is a site that can be viewed easily via a mobile device without having to zoom or scroll. Google prioritises websites that are mobile-friendly (essentially punishing those who aren’t). This is because users often find it frustrating to read content when they have to zoom or scroll.

Another way for businesses to target customers is to introduce a dedicated mobile application. Having a mobile app is a great way to take marketing to the next level and you will definitely be ahead of the game. One of the biggest benefits to having a mobile app is the ability to send information (specials/promotions or just remind customers to pop in) directly to your customer base.  See below for some mobile app ideas:

We can create an app to get feedback from your customers. We can send the information directly to your CRM, integrate with one of your internal applications or send the information to your phone via email or SMS.

Need your app to sell products or services? We have you covered. We can even take care of the payments and generate invoices/receipts from Xero or MYOB automatically.

Need your customers, business partners or staff to evaluate your services/staff? You need to get them excited to complete the task! Our designers can create a fun, creative way to encourage people to help improve your services.

You can promote and manage small competitions through your own mobile app. All results and information can be integrated to your systems or sent via an email.

Need an app to process payments on the go? We can integrate your app with the Stripe Payment System. We support payments from all around the world and accept payments in Yen, Dollars, Euro or Pounds.

We support payments from the following countries:

Expense Reimbursement need not be boring! You can take pictures of the receipts and directly integrate them with your corporate systems in Microsoft Onedrive/Google Drive/ Dropbox/Xero/Quickbooks.

Fresh leads can come from your mobile app published in the app store in your company name. These leads can be integrated into Sales force/other online CRM directly as a lead.

We can create mobile apps to help you carry out Market Research. Individuals selected to carry out the market research can download and record their opinions via the app. The results can then be integrated into your CRM systems.

Engage with your constituents/customers/employees in a fun interactive way. We can create a polling mobile app that can be used to poll or survey your target market.

Enquiries: Want a modern way for your clients to contact you for maintenance/support? We can create a mobile app that allows your uses to log support enquiries directly to your CRM/Support Systems.

We can create an online food ordering system that accepts credit card payments. Even better you won’t need to pay a merchant fee for each transaction. We can set you up on a fixed monthly cost which will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees. We can even include an offsite management tool that will allow you to accept orders and send them to your kitchen printer, if you are away from the restaurant. Credit card payments are processed through the Stripe system.

We can create a timesheet mobile app to be used by your staff to enter their daily and/or billable hours while they are at a client site. The information can be stored directly into your existing systems or via Email. We can also incorporate GPS location tracking, timer and digital signatures. The additional functionality will provide assurance to your client that they are not being overcharged and confirmation that the staff hours are fully accounted for.

Want to automate your quote process? We can create an app that will prompt users for all the required information and provide them an instant quote using the processes that you currently have in place. Alternatively, we can collect all the required information and send the information to you. This will help you to make a sale to someone who is interested in your services.

The above are some of the possibilities. We are a custom app development company, so we can build almost anything you can imagine. If you have an idea in mind, please contact us to discuss it.


Attention all small businesses. We want to create your company’s first mobile app!!

We want to help small businesses get a mobile presence, to ensure that they can compete with the big guys in the industry. We are waiving the setup fee and offering the first 25 customers a mobile app for your company for $1/day (ex GST). You will have 3 months to use the app with no commitment to continue. The mobile app will be published to the Apple iTunes and Google Play Store.


  • You have to be a small business with less than AU $1 Million turnover per annum.
  • Your company will have less than 10 employees
  • You will have or be willing to create a free Facebook page
  • The app will be simple and non-complex. Paper2Apps will determine whether the app meets the simple and non-complex requirements.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You will promote Paper2Apps via your website and/or social media pages for the 3-month trial period.
  • You will be willing to record a 2-minute video promoting the app we created for you. We may use this on our website or public video channels to market our services.
  • The trial period will begin once the app has been created and Paper2Apps receives the payment for the trial.
  • You can cancel anytime, there are NO additional charges during the trial period.
  • We will not refund the AU$1/day (ex GST) trial period cost.
  • Maximum hits for the app – 100/30 days. Once this limit has been reached within 30 days users will not be able to access the app until the month has ended or the client upgrades the usage limit with Paper2Apps. The counter resets every 30 days.

What happens after the end of 3 months?

We will calculate the monthly/yearly cost for your app and provide the cost towards the end of your trial period. If you decide to continue using your app, we will require payment before the end of the trial period. If payment is not received, the app will be removed from the app stores.

Costing will be calculated on various factors such as usage by your clients, the complexity of apps, and any integrations you may need, etc. We can’t give you a standard quote as each app is unique.

If you don’t want to pay, there are NO additional charges to you. We will delete the app from the relevant app stores (Apple/Google/Microsoft) and suspend further access to the app.

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